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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

4th Grade Authors

Parkside welcomed Mr. William Carrithers to "Food for Thought,"
along with members of the E-Media class from Lawrenceville High School.
He recounted his years of service in the Pacific, during World War 2.
We welcome you to view his presentation as well
as read the reactions of our 4th grade pupils:

I'll Remember His Missions
~By Brock
It was cool how he started out as a Marine and then went
onto serving in the Navy.  Mr. Carrithers was involved in
special missions and blowing up those brackets made of
metal railroad ties!  When I grow up, I will join the military
like him and learn how to use explosives.   He was so  
lucky to survive an accident but it was sad that he had
friends that died in WW2.  It must have been awful to
escape an explosion that knocked him unconscious!  One
other time Mr. Carrithers was stabbed during one of his
missions.  We would compare his service in the war to

the job of a Navy Seal, today. It was great meeting him!

Would You Want to Go?
~By Addy
Mr. Carrithers was amazing!  One thing I thought was cool was
his swims in the Pacific Ocean.  He mentioned that if you cut
yourself and start bleeding, sharks will come.  He said, “You
would have to punch them in the snout to make them leave
you alone.”  He showed pictures of really, really big boats
and said he got to jump off of some big, big, big ships in
the war.  Then the Japanese bombed the fleet in Hawaii.  
We built a memorial on top of one of the ships.  Mr.
Carrithers showed us pictures of the ship, taken from
high above the memorial.  

He talked about being in the Underwater Demolition Unit.
He kept saying, “If you can go to Pearl Harbor, you should
go.  It is truly beautiful!”  I hope I can go there, someday.
The giant ship was known as The Arizona.  We found out
Mr. Carrithers has been swimming since he was eight
Years old.  He did most all of his demolition work in
WW2, in the night time.  The Pacific is filled with salt
water and it’s that salt makes the water look light.  I
Thought the moon would make the water look light!!
I think Mr. Carrithers would have been a Navy Sea since
serving in WW2.  Think of this, would you want to go?

The Visit
~By Emma

Mr. Carrithers was a 16 year old when World War 2 began.
While growing up, he went to the Vincennes YMCA
a lot.  When the war began his friends were older than
him and wanted to hurry and sign-up to enter the service.
He wanted to be in the Marines and asked his mother
to allow him to join, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
So at 16, brave Mr. Carrithers went to war.  He told us
He took part in training, and it happened in three phases.
As a member of the Navy, he did not have a special swimming trunk or uniform.  One of his jobs was to put explosives under
bridges, to try and stop the Japanese soldiers from “getting on
the island.”  He said he carried a bag with molding putty, like gray Playdough.  He would put the putty and explosive
on the bridge and then swim away, about a mile or two while
carrying wire that was attached to the bomb.  He said if you see
sharks while in the water, you just “punch them in the nose and
they leave you alone.”  Mr. Carrithers said, “I never hurt a single
animal.”  He told us that he never had any life threatening injuries.  Once he blacked out and they gave him CPR, and when he woke up he asked, “Did we win the war?”  He had lots of duties and an amazing life as a demolition expert in W.W. 2!

All About Mr. Carrithers
~By Neilan

I learned such interesting things during our afternoon with Mr. Carrithers.  He has been back to “Pearl” to see the memorial of the sunken ship, the Arizona.  When he was there last many veterans saluted him, asking if they could join Mr. Carrithers for lunch.  Another interesting thing I found out is that he was able to hold his breath underwater for two and ½ minutes.  One thing that was brave:  he signed up to go to World War 2 when he was only 16.  He said “I spent most of the war in the water!”  

When he was fighting for the U.S. he was making explosives called C4 with his hands, out of a type of clay.  He signed up to be a Marine after he enlisted.  After a few months, he was in the Navy when they found out how well he could swim.  
The reason why Mr. Carrithers went off to war was because
most of his friends were joining the service, after Pearl Harbor was bombed.  He asked his mother if she would let him go to war and join the Marines.  She signed the papers to let him leave for the service, because he was only 16 years old at the time.

Mr. Carrithers did not use any guns or swords in the war, only C3 and C4 explosives and he had to make them with his hands.  
He said, “If I messed up, it would blow me up.”  One scary part of the talk was when he remembered the time he fainted.  He didn’t even know what happened, until Mr. Carrithers woke up in the hospital.  He has swam most of his life.  He told us that when he was eight years old his mother signed him to be a member of the Y in Vincennes, Indiana.  He did a lot of swimming then and still goes to the pool there, three times a week.  During the war while making explosives, Mr. Carrithers didn’t mess once, because if he did mess up then he would not have visited us and I would probably not be writing this story.

The Life of a Veteran
~By Phoenix

The guy I met weeks ago was just about ready to turn 90 years old.  He knows a lot of history from World War 2.  We learned about Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii.  He told us that the Japanese bombed the Navy ships there, in 1941.  After that, Mr. Carrithers joined the Marines.  His job was to stop the enemy by putting bombs under bridges.  He did not have a gun during the war but he did carry a knife.  He used one to cut the wires they used in placing explosives when on a mission.  Mr. Carrithers said,
“I think I am living a good life.”  He told us that he thinks he is healthy and I think he is a nice guy.  I am amazed by how much he told us about the men who were with him in the Navy.

Learning and Thinking
~By Kadin

On January 23, 2018 I saw Bill Carrithers.  He is a World War 2 survivor and he is turning 90 years old soon!  We learned that if a shark tried to bite them, soldiers would bop the shark’s nose.  He was a part of a swimming race in China, and got fourth place.  During the war when Mr. Carrithers was in Japan, he was underwater a lot.  He had swimming gear but back then, they didn’t have oxygen tanks.  So he showed us and talked about how to hold your breath for a long, long time.  He said, “You have to take in two big mouthful of air.  We asked him about what kinds of food the soldiers ate during the war.  He said, “Instead of having something like hamburgers for supper, we ate bacon, sugar, tea, butter, and some kind of meat.  Also, there were no bananas back then during World War 2.  So young children didn’t see their first banana until after the war was over.  

Mr. Carrithers called the base in Hawaii “Pearl,” instead of Pearl Harbor.  I asked Bill what they slept on.  He said, “We didn’t have any fancy mattresses.”  They only slept on cots. He told us the Japanese bombed the base on December 7th, 1941.  He went underwater to get revenge, after they bombed us.

Mr. Carrithers has been back to Pearl Harbor and he saw the Shrine Room.  The Shrine Room is sad sometimes.  Someone asked Bill if he got hurt.  He asked, “By animals?”  The person said, “No, hurt by a gun or something else.”  Bill looked surprised when she said that.  He said, “I did get hurt but not on purpose because back then we didn’t have guns.  We only carried big knives, so I accidently cut myself while cutting a wire connected to an explosive.”  After the accident, he had to rest for three days.  

Mrs. West and I wanted to ask him if they had K9’s.  I was laughing a little when he said, “No because they can’t swim.”  I thought and thought about what he said.  I knew dogs could swim.  I asked my mom why the K9’s couldn’t stay on the beach and the “bark” when someone was coming!  

Bill had a friend that was a girl, when he went off to the war.  He was 16 years old and was a good swimmer.  Mr. Carrithers still swims to this day.  He had older friends, boys who were 19 and they went off to the war only a few days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Bill asked his mom to sign papers that let him go to war.  She signed and he went.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

2nd Grade Authors

These young writers attended
a "Food for Thought" storytelling
event, hosted by 4th graders Cale and Drew.
The twins shared their experiences with managing
free range chickens and creating a business to sell their eggs.

The Happy Chicken
~By Elliott
This chicken has talent!  He was good at listening but not good at spelling.
The chicken’s name was Bowl and he was named Bowl because everyone was
putting soup on him.  That made him mad, but he was shaking it off.  Bowl
loved playing cards and trivia games.  He had fun!  

One day Bowl got hit by a car but he survived.  Why?  He realized that
he had super powers and boy, was Bowl shocked!   He will never have to
worry about dying from accidents or from stinky socks.  Bowl used to scream when he had to be near stinky socks!  One day he accidentally flew into an
electric pole and got a terrible shock.  But with his super powers, Bowl just
flew on home and played with his toy car before eating supper at 7:00 P.M.
Bowl loves being in his bedroom where it is safe.  He loves his parents too.    
He’s just a happy chicken most of the time.

My Own Chicks
~By Nevaeh
I love chicks!  If I have a chance, I can’t wait to try and raise chicks.
I really want to someday see eggs in a barn!  I will have to wait a long, long time
for good news and any new chicks.  But I must wait.  We hope there are many
eggs with brothers and sisters.  I plan to name them Mul, Ever, and one will
be Jay.  If there are just two boys someday, they will be named Carlos and Mal.   

~By Alivia
Halloween is here and I am very excited for tonight  because I will get
a lot of goodies.  I might even get some candy bags at the end of Trick-or-
Treating.  I am going to eat a lot of candy!  When I get done eating candy,
I am going to put on my pajamas.  Then I will go to bed and have a good
Night.  I hope you guys will have good Trick-or-Treating times on Halloween.

Lots of Fun
~By Alexa
I went Trick-or-Treating on Sunday.  Guess what I was dressed as?
I was wearing an elephant costume.  It was so much fun to Trick-of-Treat.
There was so many different kids out, wearing masks and carrying bags
filled with goodies.  When it was all over, we went on home.  I got lots of
candy at peoples houses.  

The Halloween Dog
~By Mazie
There once was a beautiful dog who loved Halloween.  The dog gave out
candy at his house and then decided to go out for trick-or-treating.  Guess what?
The poor dog got lost on the strange street.  So he went knocking and knocking
on doors to try and find his own house.  He looked and looked, all night long.  
The next day it began to snow!  The poor dog got very, very cold being outside
but he finally found his own house.  So the search came to a happy ending!

The Hound
~By Zayven
Two spooky buddies went to a haunted house and saw a man with a wand.
The man was wearing a black suit.  The boys watched as the man waved his
magic wand and then he spoke.  The man said, “Halloween Hound” three times
and the dog suddenly came alive.  The hound walked right out of a mirror, like
a mysterious portal.  The man looked right at the spooky buddies, wanting their
help that night.  Then the hound opened his huge mouth, and smoke came out.  
So the man in the black suit, the hound, and the two spooky buddies left the haunted house.  It was time to go and the man waved his wand. “Happy Halloween!”  

The Rainy Weather
~By Adalynn
Once upon a time there was a family and they encountered a tornado.
They quickly went to the basement and were very sad.  Then the house was
surrounded by terrible, high winds!  In that basement, they watched news on
their ipad and the kids were shaking.  Then the mighty tornado hit them with  
a BOOM!  It was a disaster!  The storm ripped the house apart.  Suddenly in
the air there appeared a unicorn called Twilight.  As the tornado was spinning,
Twilight used her magic to calm everyone.  She saw the family cat crying
“meow, meow!”  So the unicorn farts rainbows!  Then a solar eclipse began
and the unicorn stopped the kids from looking up at the sky.  Twilight
whispered, “Don’t look, it will hurt your eyes!”  This awful storm hit the
house at 6:00 P.M.  Tornadoes are so, so scary.  Next the kids looked up
and saw a pink pig flying in the fierce winds. “What is that?” It was quite
strong, it was a super pig and it survived the stormy winds.  “We are so, so
scared” cried the family but the tornado is finished.  So my story is too.  

~By Kaelyn
Once there was an unhappy bird at Chicken School.  His name was Bob.   He was mad because he had to do his homework from when he was sick and missed some days.  Suddenly the bell rang.  “Now I will go to lunch,"
Bob thought.  But the bird was mad because after eating because he
had to stay in to finish that homework.  He was not happy but after it was
all done, Bob headed outside to the playground.  He went on the swings
for a while but then another bird stole his seat!  
So he went to tell The Chicken Teacher about his swing. She asked,
“Bob, did you get off the swing?”  Bob looked at her and said, “Yes I did.”
So then he went onto the bars and played with his best friend.  After play time
was over, Bob went inside and wrote a book.  He was an author!  

The Haunted Mask
~By Jacie
One day I saw a mask at the store.  I bought it but once I put it on,
I felt different.  By the time Halloween came, I had completely changed.  It was
As if I was trapped in a dark world.  In fact, I acted like The Joker’s girlfriend
Harley Quinn.  I swung a bat to hit people!  Then I started running around and screaming at everyone.  Halloween is over now and I feel like my old self!   I was so tired, no more masks for me.