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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Share That Book!

Get Comfortable - Offer youth soft mats or pillows to sit on. 
Give them blankets to snuggle up in on cold days, or sit near a 
cool breeze when the weather is warm. Let them have a snack
or drink before you start. 
Remove Distractions - Make your reading spot as quiet as 
possible so your youngster can focus on the story. Turn off 
the TV and computer......enjoy this time together.  
Encourage Participation - Kids just may enjoy reading 
more when they’re invited to join in. Let them take turns 
choosing a book and turning the pages. If there’s repetition 
in a story, challenge them to recite the key phrases with you. 
Keep it Appropriate - If your kids have trouble following the
language or plot of a story, it may be too difficult for them. 
Look for books that are closer to their reading levels. 
Tip: Ask a librarian or your child’s teachers for suggestions.

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